A Green New Deal Watch Party 7 PM Feb. 5 at the Byrd Center, Shepherdstown, WV

The news is out that Senator Markey and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez are releasing a Green New Deal bill in the coming days.

As Trump gets ready to spread his message of fear, division, and denial later Tuesday night, we’ll be laying out our plans for how to bring the Green New Deal to every corner of this country and elevate the crisis that our President and his fossil fuel billionaire friends want us to ignore.

Bills like these live or die in the first few weeks based on how much support they receive. It’s on us to move this legislation forward by turning up the heat on our members of Congress throughout February.

We’re laying out our gameplan this Tuesday, Feb 5 at 8pm EST via livestream. Thousands of people are already signed up to tune-in from over 400 watch parties around the country. You won’t want to miss it.

Join us on Feb. 5 as we gather and push the fight for clean air and water, good jobs, and a safe climate. We need everyone to take action to show our legislators that we’re serious about climate and they need to be too.

Learn about The Sunshine Movement and learn more about The Green New Deal – – what it can do for us and what we can do to make sure it happens…

It all starts by joining the livestream Watch Party  Tuesday! 

Reserve your seat now! 


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