BD Now! Special Episodes 03.1-03.2-03.3 Glen Atkinson: How Steiner’s Medical Course Informs Steiner’s Agricultural Course

Glen Atkinson is the co-founder of ” The Biodynamic College: The ONLY College on the Planet, where the whole of Dr Steiner’s “Agriculture Course” can be fully understood.” Using his insights into the accurate meaning of Steiner’s lectures, for decades Glen has formulated very effective and easy-to-use  farm and garden remedies from Steiner’s BD Preps.  In this series of lectures, Glen works to clarify how parts of Steiner’s Agricultural Course have been misunderstood since Steiner’s time because modern students of BD did not have the understanding of Steiner’s medical insights (as attendees at the original lectures did have)  to perceive, let alone understand, how Steiner was weaving references to the medical sensitivities into his agricultural lectures. To miss this point is to miss what Steiner was really telling farmers! 

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This lecture is very dense and easy to get lost in. Please know that you can trust Glen to tell you the truth about how Steiner’s agricultural teachings work. As with the Agriculture Course itself, repeated hearings of this recording will allow you a greater understanding of Glen’s insights.

Keep in mind that Glen will be reading comments at this page. If you need clarification of any of his statement please ask Glen for clarification in the reply area of this blog post. (Should be just below this text) Glen himself will answer your questions. How could you ask for more? Please, by all means, take the time to thank Glen for his time and lifelong efforts while you are here. If we want to continue to receive teachings, we must respect and honor our teachers.

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Immediately below is a proposed outline of this entire Medical/Agricultural lecture series:

A Rough Outline of the Full Program

Rudolf Steiner’s  Medical Lectures and his Agriculture Lectures

What is RS medical world view?

Overview of world activities – As Above So Below – Spirit / Stars, Astral / Planets, Atmosphere/ Etheric, Physical / Body

Three physical systems & each of the 4 activities are active in each region

Polarity between Head and Belly   – dominant activities in each region.

Each organ shows the same organisation of 4 activities and three processes.

Illness is inbalance in any of this.

How does the Human and plant organisation differ?

Structure of Bodies manifestation in plants

Layers of manifestation different, however the same order and processes can be seen

The bodies organisation in plants

The Physical Formative Forces – Cosmic and Earthly

What does this mean for Biodynamic Agriculture?

General BD worldview – Polarity of expansion and contraction – with preps in the middle. Ethers as formative processes

Astral general but vague – the animals,    No Spirit – the farmer… not formative principles for plants

Agriculture course can be seen in a more complete manner

What is the difference between the Ethers and the Physical Formative Forces?

Lots of attention on the Ethers ‘in the story’, but how do we influence them?

Always talked of in polarity of Life and chemical versus Light and Warmth in RS lectures

Used as observation reference, and physical adjustments re mulching watering etc

Ag course story is Cosmic and Earthly = ABC of everything

PFF talked of within the secondary polarities Cos F..Spirit/ Ear Sub.. Physical and Etheric Ear F.. / Cos Sub… Astral as dome in the       medical lectures

Example of plant growth in this model.

What controls PFF – Clay, Sand, Humus, Cations

How does this show up in the lectures?

Example of pest control?

Example of Fungal control

Equisetum, Cinnabar and Bidor


Glen’s article on the use of BD508 to illustrate concepts in this podcast

Equisetum v7 (1)

Graphic Illustrations (PowerPoint-like) for this program


Problem Of The Etheric Formative Forces

25 Replies to “BD Now! Special Episodes 03.1-03.2-03.3 Glen Atkinson: How Steiner’s Medical Course Informs Steiner’s Agricultural Course”

  1. I couldn’t find the contact page to email you directly so I’m leaving my general comment here in the last podcast comment page. I just want to say that I am really enjoying the diversity and knowledge of your podcast series. I feel that you have a great guess ask great questions that touch on biodynamics from every edge and angle. Many thanks!

  2. Brilliant – a window into the mind of Rudolf Steiner – I would reccomend listening to all of the interviews with Glen Atkinson – there is so much to learn and understand

    1. Thanks for listening, Marie. And thanks for leaving a note of appreciation for Glen.

      He is incredible, isn’t he.

      I hope to have part two of this episode published shortly.

  3. Alan,
    These two podcast are wonderful – it is a privilege to hear Glen outlining how the energetic activities work in such a concise and methodical manner.
    Waiting with bated breath for the third podcast in this series!!
    Well done to you for making this available to all.

    1. David – We are all so lucky to be living in a time when we can all share Glen’s wisdom, aren’t we?

      I certainly appreciate you taking the time to share your own appreciation of Glen’s work.


  4. Allan,
    Thank you for making both these podcast available to us . Its great to listen to you and Glen. How Glen explains how Steiner’s medical lectures hold the answers to the Agriculture lectures. Really looking forward to the third podcast being made available.

    1. Hey, Stuart –

      Thanks for taking the time to write.

      It’s a pleasure to make Glen’s wisdom available for you and the world.

      I really appreciate that Glen is willing to do this.

      I’ll get part 3 up in the next couple of days.

      Let’s hope that Glen will do several more for us in the near future!


      1. Allan,
        Thanks for the reply… that’s great to hear you will have part 3 available over the next couple of days . I agree, it would be great if Glen does more in the future.
        Thanks again

      2. Allan,
        Thank you for making such important information available. Glen has a lovely relaxed manner and what a pleasure to listen to on the podcast. It was vital information for me when he mentioned giving 504 D12 to the rhythmic area of the plant where the bug was sucking the leaf. He was conveying a light and warmth force because the energetic makeup of the bug told him that the light and warmth were out of place. What wonderful insight, Glen.

        1. Timmy – I’m glad that you are getting so much out Glen’s lectures. Believe me, he’s as easy to work with as he sounds like he would be! Glad to receive your appreciation!

  5. Allan,

    Thank you very much for presenting Glen Atkinson’s work. I have enjoyed all of them. I cannot say that I understand all of it, but it is self evident to one and all that Glen is on to something of great importance.

    To this end, I have enrolled in the course that he is giving and hope that others will do the same as well.

    Keep up the good work, be well and take care.


    1. Kam –

      Thanks for sharing you appreciation!

      I’d like to hear how the course works for you. If this is a lecture your taking directly from him and you are able to tape it, we’d be happy to share your recordings here!

  6. Allan,
    Thank you very much for making these two podcasts available for us.
    Glen really lets us tap into Steiners mind, and gives us a better understanding of both lectures. Fantastic work from both of you.
    Really looking forward to hearing part 3.
    Keep up the good work!!


  7. Hi Alan, Have just listened to the two podcasts for the second time and and will be listening again. Its an excelient insight into the agriculture lectures when viewed within the context of the medical lectures. Thanks for making this available and look forward to hearing more.

    1. Noel Thanks for taking the time to comment. We recently posted the third segment of Episode 3. Have you had a chance to hear it?

  8. Hi Allan, just wanted to say thank you for these podcasts with Glen. They really clarify alot of aspects of Steiner’s agriculture and medical lectures. I find it so benifical to listen to Glen and then immediately listen to the Steiner lecture.
    So thanks again and im very much looking forward to listening to the third podcast.

    1. Richard – Thanks for taking the time to comment on the value you’ve found in Glenn’s lectures.

      Did you notice that Part 3 of Episode 3 has now been posted?

      Thanks again

  9. Hi Alan, Have just listened to the two podcasts for the second time and and will be listening again. Its an excelient insight into the agriculture lectures when viewed within the context of the medical lectures. Thanks for making this available and look forward to hearing more.

    1. Thanks, Noel. I hope you noticed that Part 3 has now been posted. Glen promises to start Episode 4 in the near future.

      I really appreciate that you took the time to share your appreciation!

  10. Hi Alan,
    Just want to thank you for making these three podcasts available. Its a privilege to be able to access this information so easily. Glen is incredible and his insight is great to hear for a new biodynamic disciple like myself. Thanks again Alan and a big thank you to Glen.

    1. THANKS FOR your comments, Rory. Did you see that Glen is soliciting questions to answer for BD practitioners for his next podcast? If anything comes to mind, please ask it here! THANKS!!

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