BD Now! Podcast Episode 021 Hugh Lovel, Farmer, Author, Soil Consultant, Founder of Quantum Agriculture

Hugh Lovel is a farmer and multidisciplinary scientist. Hugh is a pioneer of the new science of Quantum Agriculture.

Hugh Lovel is the author of the “A Biodynamic Farm, for Growing Wholesome Food” book. He is the original copywritten designer of the Field Broadcaster quantum technology. His articles appear in “Acres USA” journal and related organic farming periodicals such as “Acres Australia” and “Farmers Weekly” in South Africa.

Hugh gained broad experience in biodynamic farming while operating a market farm and the first CSA in Georgia. His farm was home to the annual South-East Biodynamic Conferences for 12 years. Hugh migrated to Australia in 2005 to teach, consult and write. Hugh serves on the national board of Biodynamic Agriculture Australia, the largest membership Biodynamic organization in the world.

He also serves on the Standards Australia committee for Organic and Biodynamic Products which sets certification standards in Australia and for export. He and his wife Shabari Bird are the founders of Quantum Agriculture Consultancy and live in Australia and the US. (from Quantum Agriculture dot com)

Hugh Lovel has been one of my greatest mentors in the pursuit of growing food of a quality appropriate for human development. Hugh has been a tireless advocate for growing food that harnesses the forces of Earth and the Cosmos. He is the finest of Citizen Scientists, expending his own resources to investigate subtle energies that improve crop quality and to publicize these discoveries to other open minded agriculturists. Most importantly, Hugh Lovel produces the best food I’ve ever tasted, which fills me with envy and keeps me aware that there is still much to learn about growing food for Humans.

Hugh has a new book out: Quantum Agriculture Biodynamics and Beyond: Growing Plentiful, Vital Food The purpose of this interview with Hugh was to flesh out the farming experience that this new book arose from. As you will here, we didn’t get too close to the new book in our conversation. We did learn some very interesting information about how Hugh came to be a biodynamic farmer in Georgia, though. Hugh will be happy to talk to Biodynamics Now! again in the near future. He’ll be especially interested in talking again if you will leave questions or (complimentary) comments below. Hugh has so much important information to share and, in my experience, he’s always been completely open in his sharing. So, if there’s something you want to know about Hugh or about Biodynamics / Quantum farming and gardening, please ask in the Comments section below

From Stephan A. Schwartz introduction to the new book:
(Hugh)Lovel is a master gardener who understands that we live not on the earth but in it, with miles of life above and below us in an interdependent and interconnected matrix of life. I met him just as he was beginning his life in biodynamic agriculture, and know the passion he brought to a subject that is part metaphysics and part science. You will experience it in this book. It is a path that must be both mastered intellectually and experienced personally to be comprehended.

The thing about a properly functioning biodynamic system, whether it is a private garden or a commercial activity, is that even if you don’t understand the world view, you cannot argue with the best fresh ear of corn you have ever eaten, or a tomato so good you just have to go, “Oh my.” The proof is in the pudding, as the cliché has it. My wife is a biodynamic gardener. Her garden produces enough produce, fruit, and berries for us to eat all year, and share generously. I had been eating organic, but not biodynamic, food for 40 years. When Ronlyn and I married and this garden was created, about 18 months after we began eating her biodynamic produce, I began to realize I felt different. The food I was eating was more alive. It had more vitality, and so did I.
I cannot say that I understand the radionics part. I have followed this field for many years, going back to Wilhelm Reich’s research as well as something known as the Abrams instrument. But I could not tell you whether it was a ritual for expressing nonlocal intention, rather like healing, or whether the apparatus objectively manipulated something. It is an important distinction. One thing we know It cannot be electromagnetic. The argument that, like homeopathy, it transfers information beyond the molecular cannot be refuted. It certainly seems to be the case in homeopathy. But what I can say is that using the system produces higher quality agricultural outcomes. Farmers are compelled to be pragmatic. They use what works, and some of them are adopting radionics. It is my hope that properly designed double blind studies will be done. There is at least one replication underway, as I write this, validating Cleve Backster’s plant consciousness research, and very mainstream work now supports the biodynamic system conception of an area having its own ecosystem, as one coordinated living being. Science is moving towards the matrix of life model.
Lovel’s book will be very helpful for those interested in producing the highest possible quality food. Food more nutritious than most people have ever previously eaten. He very meticulously provides the guidance that will allow a person to create a biodynamic system, and he explains it in a way that applies at any scale. It is a compassionate life-affirming path to food production whose explicit purpose is wellness at every level, from the individual, to the family, the community, the nation, and the vast living system that is the Earth herself. Lovel offers readers two gifts: first, detailed instructions in how to create and work with a biodynamic system; and, second, a different way of looking at the world. Once you read Quantum Agriculture, the next step is yours.
Stephan A. Schwartz
Whidbey Island, Washington

Hugh Lovel’s Home Page

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  1. What an incredible individual! What he has brought to farming and humanity is of unmeasurable value! There’s much to learn from this short interview. The best part is that it gives one such a strong feeling that there’s a lot more to Life than what we settle for!!

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