BD Now! 040 Dr Nasha Winters “The Metabolic Approach to Cancer”

Cancer rates have increased exponentially since the beginning of the twentieth century—now affecting almost 50 percent of the American population. Yet conventional treatment continues to rely on chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation to attack cancer cells even though research has repeatedly shown that 95 percent of cancer cases are directly
linked to diet and lifestyle.*

It’s time for a new approach.

The Metabolic Approach to Cancer: Integrating Deep Nutrition, the Ketogenic Diet, and Nontoxic Bio-Individualized Therapies
by Dr. Nasha Winters & Jess Higgins Kelley, foreword by Kelly Turner
Pub Date: June 6, 2017 Continue reading “BD Now! 040 Dr Nasha Winters “The Metabolic Approach to Cancer””

BD Now! 039 Stephen Harrod Buhner: “Restoring Our Feeling Sense”

Our discussion is with Bardic Philosopher Stephen Harrod Buhner, author of Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm: Beyond the Doors of Perception into the Dreaming of the Earth and at least 19 other books related to transcending the shortcomings of the linear, reductionist, corporate world view.

Stephen Harrod Buhner is a tireless advocate for the reincorporation of the exploratory artist, independent scholar, amateur naturalist, and citizen scientist in American society – especially as a counterweight to the influence of corporate science and technology. Continue reading “BD Now! 039 Stephen Harrod Buhner: “Restoring Our Feeling Sense””

BD Now! 038 Domini Kemp, author of “The Ketogenic Kitchen: Low Carb. High Fat. Extraordinary Health”

Domini Kemp is the co-author of the Chelsea Green Publishing book “The Ketogenic Kitchen”

This remarkable book is a must-read if you have any concerns about improving your health or performance. While mainstream medicine continues to deny the effectiveness – – and even the safety! – – of the ketogenic diet, a nutritionist (Patricia Daly) and a practical celebrity chef (Domini Kemp) – – both cancer survivors – – have researched the sensible nutritional science behind the effectiveness of the keto diet and have given us a beautiful book full of delicious recipes and meal plans that keep being low carb or ketogenic an easy and delicious thing to do! Continue reading “BD Now! 038 Domini Kemp, author of “The Ketogenic Kitchen: Low Carb. High Fat. Extraordinary Health””

BD Now! 037 Andrew Fisher Author of “Big Hunger: The Unholy Alliance Between Corporate American and Anti-Hunger Groups”

Andrew Fisher is the author of “Big Hunger: Corporate Americans Unholy Alliance with the Anti-Hunger Groups”

Big Hunger reveals the damage caused by (the) hunger-industrial complex, and offers a new vision for the anti-hunger movement to eliminate hunger through a focus on health, economic justice and local economies.

Andrew Fisher

Andrew Fisher has worked in the anti-hunger field for twenty-five years, as the executive director of national and local food groups, and as a researcher, organizer, policy advocate, and coalition builder. He has led successful efforts to gain passage of multiple pieces of federal food and nutrition legislation. Continue reading “BD Now! 037 Andrew Fisher Author of “Big Hunger: The Unholy Alliance Between Corporate American and Anti-Hunger Groups””

BD Now! 036 Michael Phillips, Organic Orchardist and Author of “Mycorrhizal Planet: How Symbiotic Fungi Work with Roots to Support Plant Health and Build Soil Fertility”

Organic orchardist Michael Phillips is the author of “Mycorrhizal Planet”

Michael Phillips is a farmer, writer, carpenter, orchard consultant, and speaker who lives with his wife, Nancy, and daughter, Grace, on Heartsong Farm in northern New Hampshire, where they grow apples and a variety of medicinal herbs. Michael is the author of The Apple Grower (Chelsea Green, 2005) and The Holistic Orchard (2011), and teamed up with Nancy to write The Herbalist’s Way (2005). His Lost Nation Orchard is part of the Holistic Orchard Network, and Michael also leads the community orchard movement at Continue reading “BD Now! 036 Michael Phillips, Organic Orchardist and Author of “Mycorrhizal Planet: How Symbiotic Fungi Work with Roots to Support Plant Health and Build Soil Fertility””

BD Now! 035 Julian Palmer, Plant Medicine Investigator and Author of “Articulations: On the Utilisation and Meanings of Psychedelics”

Julian Palmer is a classic citizen scientist and author of “Articulations”

Julian Palmer, the original formulator of changa, was born in North East Victoria Australia, where his father worked as an agricultural journalist and editor.

In his early 20’s, he explored many forms of spiritual inquiry, practiced purification of intent and worked in web design and multimedia.

After moving to the far north coast of NSW when he was 24, he quickly got seriously into psychedelics and since that time hasn’t really stopped exploring and learning about them and the states they could catalyze.

Julians book “Articulations” is a catalog of his life work up to this point. It sums up about everything he wants to say about psychedelics. His next projects involve creating innovate film erotica and exploring indigenous psychoactive plants that are unknown to the western mind. Continue reading “BD Now! 035 Julian Palmer, Plant Medicine Investigator and Author of “Articulations: On the Utilisation and Meanings of Psychedelics””

BD Now! 034 Elizabeth Henderson & Steven McFadden Discuss The CSA Charter

Elizabeh Henderson & Steven McFadden in conversation about the new CSA Charter

Real CSAs are in a crises because savvy entrepreneurs have established numerous non-local, non-wholesome non-quality food distrubution schemes that have pushed Real CSAs out of the very market they created.  Consumers and small sustainable farms are the big losers here. The CSA Charter  is a way Real CSAs can identify themselves to local consumers. The CSA Charter is a way that consumers can make sure that they spend their food dollars in a way that supports better health and a better environment.

CSA experts Elizabeth Henderson and Steven McFadden in conversation about the new CSA Charter. Continue reading “BD Now! 034 Elizabeth Henderson & Steven McFadden Discuss The CSA Charter”

BD Now! Episode 33 Michael Ableman “Street Farm: Street Farm Growing Food, Jobs, and Hope on the Urban Frontier


Michael Ableman is the author of the Chelsea Green Press book “Street Farm: Growing Food, Jobs, and Hope on the Urban Frontier.”

Street Farm is the inspirational account of residents in the notorious Low Track in Vancouver, British Columbia—one of the worst urban slums in North America—who joined together to create an urban farm as a means of addressing the chronic problems in their neighborhood. It is a story of recovery, of land and food, of people, and of the power of farming and nourishing others as a way to heal our world and ourselves.

Michael Ableman is a farmer, author, photographer and urban and local food systems advocate. Michael has been farming organically since the early 1970′s and is considered one of the pioneers of the organic farming and urban agriculture movements. He is a frequent lecturer to audiences all over the world, and the winner of numerous awards for his work. Ableman is the author of four trade published books: From the Good Earth: A celebration of growing food around the world; On Good Land: The autobiography of an urban farm; Fields of Plenty: A farmer’s journey in search of real food and the people who grow it, and most recently Street Farm; Growing Food, Jobs, and Hope on the Urban Frontier. Michael Ableman is the founder of the Center for Urban Agriculture at Fairview Gardens in Goleta, California where he farmed for 20 years; co-founder and director of Sole Food Street Farms and the charity Cultivate Canada in Vancouver, British Columbia; and founder and director of the Center for Arts, Ecology and Agriculture based at his family home and farm on Salt Spring Island.

During the past seven years, Sole Food Street Farms—now North America’s largest urban farm project—has transformed acres of vacant and contaminated urban land into street farms that grow artisan-quality fruits and vegetables. By providing jobs, agricultural training, and inclusion in a community of farmers and food lovers, the Sole Food project has empowered dozens of individuals with limited resources who are managing addiction and chronic mental health problems.

Sole Food’s mission is to encourage small farms in every urban neighborhood so that good food can be accessible to all, and to do so in a manner that allows everyone to participate in the process. In Street Farm, author-photographer-farmer Michael Ableman chronicles the challenges, growth, and success of this groundbreaking project and presents compelling portraits of the neighborhood residents-turned-farmers whose lives have been touched by it. Throughout, he also weaves his philosophy and insights about food and farming, as well as the fundamentals that are the underpinnings of success for both rural farms and urban farms. Street Farm will inspire individuals and communities everywhere by providing a clear vision for combining innovative farming methods with concrete social goals, all of which aim to create healthier and more resilient communities.

Street Farm Facts

Sole Food Street Farms consists of five separate sites in Vancouver, including the largest urban orchard in North America. All sites are paved land and crops are grown in soil flled growing boxes. The overall yield of this growing system is 15 to 25 times higher than conventional “open field” growing systems.
• 4.5 total acres of paved urban land
• 75 people employed from 2009 to present
• 8,000 containers used to grow fruits and vegetables
• 50,000 pounds of food produced annually
• $1.7M+ total sales revenue (2009-2016)
• $300,000 in annual wages paid to employees
• $20,000 estimated annual loss of Sole Food crops due to rodent damage (rats like vegetables, too)
• $2.20 estimated savings to the health care, legal, and social assistance systems for every dollar paid to Sole Food employees (Queens University study, 2013)
• $150,000+ raised annually to support the Sole Food program
• $46M per day of taxpayer money spent to subsidize large-scale industrial farming



Michael Ableman’s Website

Chelsea Green Publishing STREET FARM site 

Sole Food Street Farms Website

Agrarian Elders Conference at Esalen

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BD Now! 032 Dmitry Orlov “Shrinking the Technosphere”

Have you ever wanted an excuse to escape from the madness of the Modern World and become a homesteader in Siberia? This book will provide you all the encouragement (and much of the know-how!) that you’ll need.

Shrinking the Technosphere guides readers through the process of bringing technology down to a manageable number of carefully chosen, essential, well-understood and controllable elements. It is about regaining the freedom to use technology for our own benefit, and is critical reading for all who seek to get back to a point where technologies assist us rather than control us.

Dmitry Orlov was born in Leningrad, USSR, into an academic family, and emigrated to the US in the mid-1970s. He holds degrees in Computer Engineering and Linguistics, and has worked in a variety of fields, including high-energy physics, Internet commerce, network security and advertising. He is the best-selling author of several previous books, including Reinventing Collapse and The Five Stages of Collapse.

Download the BD Now! Podcast Interview MP3 HERE


Dmytri Orlov’s Blog and Information site HERE

BD Now! Podcast 031 Steven McFadden – Reiki

Steven McFadden of Santa Fe discusses the healing art of Reiki

Welcome to Episode 31 of the Biodynamics Now! Investigative Farming and Restorative Nutrition podcast. Your host is Allan Balliett.

Our guest today is Long time friend of the B!iodynamics Now! Podcast, Steven McFadden of Santa Fe, New Mexico Steven is the  director of Chiron Communications, an enterprise offering keys for the health of human beings and the earth. He has been writing about CSA farms since their inception in the U.S. in the late 1980s. Among  other abilities he has developed to counsel and heal his fellow human beings, he is a RAYKEE Master of long standing, He has taught the Reiki healing techniques to hundreds of students across North and Central America.

Reiki, pronounced “ray key,” is a gentle technique for healing by the laying-on of hands. Knowlege of Reiki healing techniques belong in every home healing kit since it is a healing art available to all human beings and, once learned, it can be applied– at no monetary cost to the practitioner– to heal and comfort others whenever necessary Reiki has an established track record of reducing stress, relieving pain, and supporting the healing process.


You can download Episode 31 HERE



Steve’s website for Chiron-Communications is HERE