The Biodynamics Now! Bookstore

We finally got a start on the Biodynamics Now! bookstore!

The bookstore will be a tool for you to access information about biodynamic food and farming and related strategies for producing quality food as well as books about Spiritual Science.

Your purchases from the Biodynamics Now! bookstore earn small comissions for the Biodynamics Now! podcast project at no cost to you!

In fact, every time you enter through the Biodynamics Now! bookstore, the Biodynamics Now! podcast earns a commission on everything you buy, even if it is not through the Biodynamics Now! shopping cart! (Believe me, we need your support to keep this effort going!)

You can use the link below to visit or shop at the Biodynamic Now! bookstore. If you want to volunteer to help us organize and expand the store, your help would be most welcome. You can contact me, Allan Balliett, at

The Biodynamics Now! Bookstore link

Biodynamics Now! Bookstore

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